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January 4


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Yveltal OC Story(work on this today)
(Back from a break, hope you guys enjoy this, it took a lot of work to do this XD)

“Where are you ?” Sharina asked, unable to find her best friend.

“I’m right here ! Sheesh ! Can’t you look any better ?” Naphita answered as she came around the corner of the cliff they lived on.

This cliff was highly jagged,with many protrusions sticking out like a sword’s blade, which prevented any humans from getting up there. Along the other side was just perpertual darkness, created by the dark powers of Sharina. Sharina had made it to where only Pokemon, and nice pokemon alone could discover their way through. Because to those who were not evil, it appeared to just be a straight path. In the living space of the cliffs, there was enough to fit 2 people,because anymore would mean it would collapse,and by people I mean Yveltal. Above them, the sky was rather dark today, with blankets of gray showing up in patches, meaning it was going to rain today. Now, they didn’t mind rain, but there was no protection to hide them from any extreme weathers. But then again, they are Yveltal, so they always wondered why it mattered to them sometimes. Maybe it was because sometimes the weather felt like a cold blanket,giving off  a small amount of heat compared to their bodies. Although they did like it up on this cliff, sometimes, it was just a bit too much for Sharina to handle.

Sharina did manage to keep her beautiful looks, which were the pride and joy of her life. Now, she appeared to be a normal Yveltal from a far view,but once you got up close to her, you noticed the differences very swiftly. On her left eye was a scar,which appeared to be shaped like an X, which she got while fighting one of her fellow legendary friends in battle. It was supposed to bond her and Xerneas together, that way if one needed help, she would be there. Her eyes were also not the traditional color of Yveltal also, being a weird green that seemed to blend in with the rest of her body. Her friend always loved her eyes, because it made her look astounding, but instilled fear in those who angered her. She was pretty easy going, but if you pissed her off, that was your death notice. Now the one thing that was strikingly different about her, was the color of her body. Instead of being the traditional red and black, she was blue, but still keeping the black stripes all over Yveltal bodies. Her friend however, was the standard color of Yveltal. Now, this color did make her stand out, and inspired awe for those who were able to see the different colors of her body..because most people never had seen her. And to really top it all off, the claws at the base of her wings were blue, which were not only sky blue, but also a mixture of dark blue as well.

Today Sharina was just relaxing, hanging out with her friend Naphita, just gazing into the gaping hole that preceded the cliff they lived on. Devil’s Cliff was about 90,000 feet down,which would terrify most individuals or kill them from the lack of oxygen up here. Since they were Yveltal, breathing was easy up here because they were so used to being in high altitudes, their lungs eventually got used to it. Today they were talking about what their next trip was going to be, because they planned to go visit another region for the time being, unless they were stopped by Arceus. Arceus was known for frequent meetings, sometimes even sporadic because he got angry at some human. Non-compliance would mean he would just erase your memory and turn you into a pokemon that is non-legendary. Naphita gazed into Sharina’s eyes and quietly asked her, “ Do you think Xerneas can come with us ?”

Sharina, kinda puzzled by the answer to this, replied, “ Well, he’s a land legendary, so its kinda hard for him to keep up with us. You know how fast we are. We fly probably about 4 times the speed of those weird sticks in the sky that humans fly in.”
“Still, we should try to invite him.”

“Really ?”

“Yep.” She exclaimed happily.

Sharina thought about this for a moment, as bringing Xerneas would require him to go by land, which would take quite awhile. Plus it would attract human attention,which they did not like to have put on him. Wouldn’t matter for Sharina and her friend, because they’d be in the air. So, she looked back at her friend and said, “Maybe he could ride on your back ?”

“Idk, about that, he does weigh quite a bit.”

“Well, maybe that’d be good for your strength Naphita.”

“Yeah, you are right, should we go now ?”

“Yep !”

And with that, Sharina flapped her wings in a dignified manner and then jumped off the cliff, not flapping her wings to gain speed. She watched as she fell down very rapidly, building up a tremendous amount of speed, waiting for the right time to shoot back up. 5 seconds later, at about 1,000 feet from the ground, she opened up her wings and was propelled back upward, by about 30,000 feet. It felt really strange to her, because she had not shot up this much, was usually 10,000-20,000 feet. But, finally getting her balance straight, she just flew stationary, waiting for her friend to show up. Her friend didn’t quite take the same risk that she did, because she was scared of the ground being that low under her, and she ended up about 5,000 feet higher than Sharina. But due to their very good avian vision, they were able to see each other very clearly. Sharina flew upward towards Naphita, through some clouds and some rain, finally leveling eye to eye with Naphita. Naphita gazed into her eyes, looking at her very subconsciously and then said, “Well, which way to Xernea’s Forest ?”

Sharina, who wasn’t paying attention, picked up the Xernea’s Forest part and replied back, “ Well, it’s west of here if I’m correct, for only about 10 minutes. We don’t live too far from his forest. He knows who we are, so no need for special entrance codes or anything like that.”

Naphita, heeding her words, flapped her wings very swiftly and started heading west.
Sharina quickly got in front of her and started flying very steadily,enjoying the wind brushing against her face, it was something she enjoyed very much. It made her forget about her troubles and soothed her, making her feel happy and in a much better mood. Sharina made a comforting sigh and comfortably flew while lying on her back,which was something not too many Pokemon could to. Sharina gazed over to her friend and realized she was doing the same thing,which made her realize they had a connection. After all, they had been friends for so many years, which is about 1,000,000,000 years. Quickly after pointing out her favorite clouds, she turned over and began to make a sharp dive,for now they were over Xernea’s Forest. Naphita followed suit, taking a less sharp dive so she could have better control over her flight pattern. Sharina was gaining speed like an airplane, by now she was about 1,000 feet from the ground. Sharina landed very swiftly, landing in Xerneas private home,right in front of him. Naphita entered through the door on the left side,and bowed down in respect, Xerneas bowing back to her. Puzzled a bit, Xerneas looked up at them and asked, “ Why are you here ?”

Sharina was the first one to answer.

“Well, we wanted to hang out with you today.”

Xerneas answered back , “I’d love to, but first you gotta help me with something going on in Kalos at the moment. Do you think you could ?”

Sharina thought about it for a second and hastily replied, “ Yes, me and my friend Naphita would love to help…what’s the situation this time ?”

“Well, we have this evil man burning down Pokemon’s homes and then using the land to build bases for his evil team.”

“I cannot stand for someone to hurt my friends ! He is going to die in a dark aura of flames !”

Xerneas, a bit shocked by her response said, “Arceus has given us legendaries orders to not kill him, but bring him in for punishment. Do you understand ?”

Sharina, who was upset, and bit disappointed she couldn’t kill him responded, “ Okay, mission accepted. Are you ready Naphita ?”

Naphita looked into her eyes and responded, “ Yes, no one hurts our friends, the pokemon.”
Xerneas, taking their words into account, told them the whereabouts of this man and where they were going to meet.

“This man is known as the Cascader,because of his very fast way of destroying things in a cascade. He is from Kanto, and was known for destroying a mountain where Articuno lived. We had come to capture him then, but he managed to elude capture. He is also known for setting up electrical traps and using these poke ball devices that turn the Pokemon captured evil, no matter how good they were before. However, his devices don’t work on dark type Pokemon for some reason. Arceus had ordered us that his is the last straw. Even Arceus himself is searching for this man. Now, where do we all meet ? We are going to meet near Lumiose City, which is expected to be his next target of destruction. We have heard that he plans to blow up the tower, which will kill a massive amount of Pokemon and people. Now, as for now, we have time to catch up and talk a bit on our lives. So how has life been for you Sharina ?”

Sharina swiftly replied, “ It’s been great, me and Naphita have been having quite a bit of fun. You and me have also been battling quite a  bit more, which is making me not only happy but satisfied. We don’t have time to battle now, but I’d like to do it sometime in the future. Also, this whole man destroying many things has showed up, so that got me kinda aggrevated.”

Xerneas, feeling kinda upset about the situation as well, answered her back, “ Me too, life’s been pretty good. Aside from all this evil crap, we’ve been battling pretty well, and we’ve been bonding more than we ever have before. I’m glad to really know you, and to really celebrate life with you. Sadly, it has been broken by this idiot destroying forests, buildings and other shit, but I’m overall looking forward to the time we get to spend weeks without having to worry about some guy.”

“I feel the same way too.” Naphita replied, mainly because Sharina was really upset about what was happening to the Pokemon she had worked to protect ever since she was born years ago.

Xerneas then looked up at his tree of life,hoping to find an answer to ease her guilt right now. A shimmer of light was sparkling through the treetops, creating very vivid shadows of the tree’s tops,making it appear as if it was a  bit darker than normal. Xerneas couldn’t find an answer in his mind, or in the forest. All he was told is that to ease her pain, she needs to confront the problem. He knew that even in this situation, her somber attitude couldn’t be corrected by him, it had to be corrected by her. So, in realizing this, he walked up to Sharina, who was crying, mourning the lost Pokemon that she never met.

Sharina, noticing he was there, looked up at him and said, “ Wh..What do you want ?”

Xerneas, looking back up again at the tree, preceeded to respond, “ The tree has given me the answer to solving your current problem. Would you like me to tell you the tree’s and my wisdom ?”

Sharina normally trusted his judgement, so she diligently replied, “ Yes,Your wisdom hasn’t failed me, and neither has the tree’s. I think it has something to do with the bond we share.”

“Indeed it does Sharina. The tree’s and my wisdom, have always been correct, especially with those who I care about. Now, I tell you what the trees and me have said to answer your eternal sorrow. What you need to do to yourself, is you need to confront the problem that you are periled against. This means that you will have to go face to face with this man destroying Pokemons’ homes, and you will have to take him down. I had trouble finding what it was at first, but the Tree of Life told me what I needed to hear, and it wasn’t sure at first either. So, you will have to take down this evil man.”

Sharina nodded. It was what she had to do, she thought. If she did this, she had the feeling that all her problems would eventually melt away, unless something else happens like this in the future. Of course, she knew it would, but she’d rather deal with this problem head on first, and then enjoy life until another event like this showed up again. So, feeling a sense of strength and determination, she was ready to take on this man causing destruction. She told him, “ Thank you for your wisdom Xerneas and the Tree, it is exactly what I have to do, if I am to achieve happiness for the time being. Of course, because of direct orders, I can’t kill him. But imprisoning him is the second best thing to do, because I will then feel as if justice has been done right. Thank you.”

Naphita, butted in and replied, “ That is mine too, that is what I also struggle with.”

Xerneas wasn’t really shocked the two had the same problem, his wisdom told him so, and he had known them since he was born, and they were born. They were roughly around the same age, for they had come around the time when Kalos was created. Xerneas replied to them, “ Not a coincidence.”

Sharina was now kinda smiling at Xerneas, which meant that she was confident now, that she would and could take down some simple Pokemon trainer who was causing chaos across the world. Sharina looked up at the sky,watching as the clouds passed by slowly, in different shapes and sizes of sometimes unimaginable proportions. She had always been fascinated by them,because clouds were the one thing that would calm her down, make her feel like she didn’t have any problems in the world. She thinks it was the way they moved that made her feel that way..the slowness of the movement. Sharina walked over to Naphita and put her wing around her, smiling at her to assure that she was okay, and that they would be fine. Sharina noticed a white halo in the sky, which appeared to stretch all the way down to the forest. Sharina immediately knew who it was.

“Arceus.” Xerneas responded, sensing her nervousness.

The halo then appeared to transform into a godly like figure, one who appeared of great power. A big white energy spurt went across the whole sky, making it light up white as the godly figure finally materialized. It was Arceus,and it appeared he was ready to deliver the news directly himself. He slowly descended through the clouds,making sure he was appearing as regal as he possibly could right now in his state of anger. Eventually he landed on the soft grassy terrain,looking up at the sky and watching the halo close, meaning that he was ready to deliver his news. Right in front of him, he saw them all bowing down, honoring their respect for him. Arceus bowed down in respect also,telling them they could stop bowing now. Xerneas was the first to come up, and he asked, “ What brings you here, holy one ?”

Arceus, who was a bit upset, responded, “ The man has destroyed Lumiose before we even got there, and he captured Latias in a dark ball. So now she works for him. The whole counsel is now collapsing as a result of this, and we  are in a loss of what to do. I have no idea what to do. I tried to make a decision, but others are afraid they will get captured too, so it’s all mass hysteria at the moment. I came to ask one of you if you could save Latias, because it’s causing Latios and the counsel to fall apart.”

Sharina got up and responded, “Yes, I’ll help her. She’s been a good friend of mine, and she keeps the counsel together, because she makes sure that we never govern something we shouldn’t. She also is Latio’s sister, and seeing him mad is the last thing we want right now for us. I’ll help you Arceus, after all you are the one who created me and our humble world.”
Arceus, feeling flattered by what she said, replied, “ If you do well on this, I may make you my mate, for I don’t have one  and I’d like to have one that is reliable and can make me feel happy, and also alive. Also, you’d keep me in line. So, what do you say ?”

Sharina, even though she wasn’t the biggest lover of Arceus, she did find him pretty handsome. She always wanted a mate herself, and Arceus seemed like he’d be a perfect candidate. So, she gave it some thought and said, “ Yes, I’ll accept your offer, if you make me your mate for eternity.”

Arceus, happy at the thought she had said that, replied, “Okay,I will do that for you if you defeat this man, also your friend can come and stay with us. You okay with this, my friend Naphita ?”

Naphita was at first a little reluctant to respond but quickly said, “Yes,I’d love to stay with you two. I can’t really separate from Sharina, me and her have been friends since we were born at the beginning of the Pokemon World.”

“Well, lemme tell you what we are going to do to save Latias from the clutches of this evil man so that we can get going. What we have planned to do in the meantime is meet 300 kilometers from the location that he plans to use Latias for mass destruction. Latios and the council will make a hidden place for us to stay, because seeing like 10 legendaries staying out in the open would make people stare and gather around, which we don’t want. It’d just give the man an easier chance to kill and bomb Pokemon, the humans are of no concern to us. So, if you kill some human, it really does not matter to the mission. Just don’t cause too much destruction. Deoxys will be working on hiding us as we fly into our secret hideout, because the man does have tracking devices that will spot us, if we are seen. The man clearly knows that we are after him, but we want a surprise strike. Do you understand ?”

Sharina,liking his plan, smirked at the fact they were going to be saving Pokemons’ lives and Latias, who was the one that kept the council balanced and fun for her. She responded, “Liking the plan Arceus, because it seems like it can work fairly well. Let’s hope he attacks at the time that he explicitly stated, or we will have to make a swift reaction. So we will have to be on our toes.”

Xerneas, taking the opportunity to state his thoughts, asked, “ Well, what do we do Arceus if he attacks earlier than planned ?”

Arceus looked at him in a puzzled way and asked, “ Well, why do you ask that ?”

Xerneas pulled up the screen he had been using and it showed a decimated city, with broken buildings everywhere. The tower had fallen and crushed at least 7 buildings, and there were fissures everywhere,along with dead bodies littering the ground. There was only about 5 people left in the city according to this screen, and there were only like 2 pokemon still alive.  

Arceus got furious and shot a hyper beam into space, and it hit a lone meteor,knocking it into the moon and creating a massive crater the size of Kanto. He then gazed at them with anger and screamed at the top of his lungs, which would have killed any human’s or Pokemon’s ears.

“I am so fed up with this man ! He attacks 4 days before he had planned ! I cannot believe this, this is unbelievable ! This man is probably the most difficult suspect we have ever delt with,and now Latios is going to be even more upset ! I cannot deal with all this stress, it’s going to drive me nuts,and some day I’ll make a law because of my insanity. So, call in the other legendaries and we’ll tell them what happened.”

And in a flash, the other legendaries showed up in the forest, ready to hear Arceus’s news,for they were very anxious and upset at the fact of hearing it was going to not be pleasant news.

“Fellow legendaries,” Arceus spoke,”The man we have been trying to place under trial and arrest has attacked Lumiose City 4 days before we had planned to ambush his attack. He knows that we are expecting him to attack at certain times, so I’m assuring he knows about our plans. We have to discover how and why he knows. Because if we can do that, we can counter his next planned assault on a forest or city. Now, over 400,000 pokemon were killed in this attack,which surmounts the last city. He destroyed the tower, and made it fall on the streets, killing even more. We have no idea what the total number is, but we know he used Latias to do it all. Now, Latios, I know this will upset you the most, but you have to stay vigilant, it’s what your sister would want you to be.”

Latios, feeling the greatest impact of the attack,slowly spoke about what he had thought of this attack.

“Fellow friends,legendaries, gods, I am for one shocked by this display I see here on Xernea’s screen. It shows the true horror of our power if it used incorrectly on Pokemon and people. Latias was the main one used against her will for this attack, because of those darn dark balls that we all are trying to avoid. Now, I for one, know that my sister would never willingly do this, for she loves people and pokemon,and would rather protect them. Now, the amount that died was drastically striking to me too, as it is my job to protect them as well. If we can discover about what he did, and why he did it or find his HQ, we should be in clear. Now, I speak on behalf of all the legendaries in this room right now, for we are all feeling the same regret.”

Darkrai slowly floated up behind Latios, smiling in a sinister way as he went up to speak. He said, “Hehehe..Maybe we could actually kill this man for what he did, we don’t want him causing any more trouble now do we ? I say we kill him or we at least change his what do you say to that fellow legendaries ?”

Sharina,agreeing with Darkrai, as she always had, said, “ Yes,we should,it’s probably the best way to end all this. If we rid the world of this man, we can live a freedom we have never lived before !”

Darkrai had always liked Sharina, because she had supported him in just about all his reasonable decisions. It was however not strange that they had a strong bond, nearly all dark types were pretty much bonded together for some weird reason, no one knew why. All the legendaries in the room were wondering what they would do next, for they had absolutely no plan, now that he had intercepted theirs. This man was smarter than Darkrai would’ve been in any evil scheme he planned, and it was scary, for they didn’t know what to do. Latios, feeling the grief of his sister, quietly spoke up in the hysteria.
“Fellow Legendaries !”

They all looked at him and replied, “ What ?”

“I have some news, a plan that we can all go ahead and commence right now.”

“Okay, explain what this plan is, Latios.”

“What we do, is we follow him to the city 3 days before the attack, because he knows we will expect him on a certain date. If we do this, we easily intercept him, and the Arceus can do his transformation, it does work. Arceus, what do you think of my plan ?”
Arceus, feeling kinda apathetic towards his plan, replied, “Hm, is an alright plan, I could have come up with better.”

“And what would that be Arceus ?”

“Using Teleport to teleport to his recent location.”

“Wow,let’s do that then.”

Sharina then got up and walked over to the tree sitting in the center of the forest, needing an escape before this major montage on this malicious man. Sharina slowly lifted up her claws and set them against the tree of life, hoping for an answer that would help her discover her true meaning. She had been searching for that answer ever since she had been born from the dark energies of Pokemon 1,000,000,000 years ago. Sharina then gazed up into the horizon,lucky to see a clear blue sky that reflected the color of her skin. Clouds would have been nice to calm her down, but sometimes, to Sharina, even the smallest things would make her feel better. Sharina then laid her back against the tree,hoping to get a rest before they would leave. She had doubts that nothing would happen, but Sharina had to just live life to the fullest, because it would make her happy about who she was. Xerneas, noticing her in her search for answers, spoke up.

“Sharina, the Tree doesn’t give answers,it expects you to find them. It knows how to find your answer, but it will not state what the answer is, for not even I know what the answer is to your question. Sharina, it tells me you have to defeat the man, just like earlier,but this time, it says, you have to save Latias this time. The tree says you will be rewarded greatly.”

And as soon as they were talking about the tree and the answers it held,they heard something crackling inside of where they were. They figured it was some pokemon who just happened to find their way here,until the thing had been revealed. It was the evil man,holding a dark ball and looking at Xerneas. Xerneas,feeling very vigilant, looked at Sharina and said, “ Well, wish me luck, I’ll call you if I need help.”

And even though Xerneas was strong, the man snuck up behind him and threw a dark master ball,which sucked him in,making him evil in the process. The man looked at Sharina and said, “ Ha..Ha..Ha, you are so funny !  Thinking you can take down a man like me,when I am unstoppable ! More Pokemon and people will die, and you’ll just have to deal with it, for I’m not changing my ways, or am I getting captured. Now, be prepared to fight your best friend !”

And with that, the man tossed the ball up into the air,and with it, an evil Xerneas popped out of the Pokeball. Xerneas, with a moonblast held in the air, began to speak to Sharina.
“Sharina, I hate you. This man has shown me the right path,and that is the path to evil. We can’t save these stupid Pokemon, they are worthless and weak. This man is doing us a favor,by destroying the homes of the weak and freeing those who are strong from their clutches. I am honored to work for such a noble man like him, and he has been given my power,for he deserves it for being such a wonderful man. Also, Sharina,I’m destroying you after this. Join us,and become what you should be.”

Sharina, worried about the loss of her friend’s mind, replied back, “ Xerneas,free yourself ! You know you are being taken over by this man, and I know you can fight back ! Do it, for me !”

“Too late stupid girl.”

Xerneas then shot his moonblast at the man,which circled around and hit the man in the chest,the power slowly seeping into the man’s clutches. The man then fused with Xerneas,them becoming one entity; Immense Power was now seeping into the man’s head. The man touched his newly found antlers,soothed to feel and see them glowing with power,the man smiling at his new powers of destruction. But they seperated somehow..he wondered why, but he still had Xerneas under his control. He stared at Sharina,who now had a massive scowl on her face,which meant that she meant business. The man then gazed her in the eye and told her, “ Well,ready to fight me coward ?”

Sharina, infuriated by what he just said,bellowed at him in anger,ready to strike him down with a force.

“Bring it on ! You want to hurt my best friend and my friends ! You are going to pay !”

“Very well.”

He then set a forcefield around the tree,which materialized around the perimeter and then created a black coating, which would prevent anyone else from seeing the battle that was taking place. They could hear what was going on, but they couldn’t see it. All the legendaries saw a big black material coating Sharina, and they panicked, running over to the battlefield in the dark. They had no idea what was going on,for they hadn’t seen anything like it before.

The forcefield, having now been fully formed, blocked out the outside, but didn’t block out the inside. Sharina was even scared herself,because she would have to hurt her friend in order to free him and Latias. She was breathing heavily out of frustration, no idea what move to make or to do, for the man had Xernea’s Wisdom at his palm,meaning he would know her moves before she made it. She knew she had to free Xerneas, but she had no idea how. She figured she would have to get to his heart,and maybe that would free him from the grasp of this man. Sharina’s colors slowly switched around, black becoming blue and blue becoming black,meaning that she was now in her emergency form, meaning she was ready to strike at any time with overwhelming force. Sharina’s eyes turned a dark red,and her eyelids became sinister, making her appear as if she was an evil figure. Sharina didn’t have dark thoughts going through her mind though, it wasn’t a complete takeover of her yet. The man looked into her blood red eyes and mocked her, him noticing no difference in her whatsoever.

“Haha, you call that a change in strength ? Gosh, what are you legendaries coming up with these days ? I mean, what is a color change going to do to..”

Sharina, losing her temper, slapped the man as hard as she could,creating a gash in his face that permanently messed up his jaw, making it harder for him to talk.

The man, furious with what she had done, whispered to Xerneas, “It’s time,use your ultimate attack. Apparently, her form is preventing me and you from seeing what move she will make next. So we have to somehow free her from this form, so that we can make the attack. Are you sure you can do this ?”

Xerneas, hearing his words, agreed. “Yes master. Moonblast will be used.”

Xerneas, looking at Sharina in shame,said one last thing before he was going to blast his attack at her.

“Pathetic little Yveltal..thinking something as simple as a color change makes you stronger..well it doesn’t !  You’ve always been a weakling, the one who never gets things right, and always never does things the right way. You’re an idiot, and you never see how this man lives life to the fullest. I’m going to destroy you, and then eventually, you will be brought to the light. This man has made a special dark ball, that will capture you, and bring you to the right side, and then we will build the world our way !”

“No ! No, we won’t Xerneas ! I’m not going to let you be taken by this man…he’s manipulating you and Latias with some ball of destruction. I’m going to capture this man and bring him to justice. I’m ready to take your damn moonblast ! Fire it at me, I have far better things to dodge that some petty moonblast. So, go ahead, fire it.”

Xerneas, hearing her words of plea, started to materialize a moonblast in the air..but something happened when he fired it. It hit the man and his dark balls,purifying them and freeing Latias and Xerneas from the evil clutches of this man. Xerneas was very upset, and as a present, he moonblasted the man, who was engulfed and thrown up in the air by the blast,landing and breaking his legs, which prevented him from moving. The man was trapped and he was worried he would be tried by the legendaries. The man, feeling immense anger,turned to Latias,Xerneas and Sharina and screamed, “ You, you worthless beings ! You ruined my plan to make this world better, to make the pokemon happier by eliminating the weak ! I have no idea why you betrayed me Xerneas, you were under my control ! You were supposed to have fired it at her ! I can’t believe you managed to fail at something so easy ! I’m going to destroy the both of you if it’s the last thing I do !”

Xerneas,laughing at what the man had said,replied, “ Haha, do you really think you can destroy us ? You’ve lost and we’ve won. Now we’re going to take you to the high courts, where you will be tried, and convicted and then your punishment will be given. Well, maybe in a rare case like this, our lord Arceus will skip the trial and go straight to the conviction. So you can’t destroy us and you’ve lost. Say goodbye to the life you once had. You won’t have it no more, so enjoy it now. You’ve lost.”

Sharina, elaborating on what he had said, replied to what Xerneas had said before.

“What he said.” She said,slapping him as hard as she could. “ You hurt my friends ! Nobody hurts the ones I care about ! I am so fed up with you, I could kill you right now ! I’m only not, because Arceus ordered me not to !” She slapped him again. “ Now, you’ve lost, big time. So give it up.”

Sharina was now returning to her normal form, for she had calmed down for now,still angry at the man. “Xerneas, what should we do now ?”

Xerneas, feeling an idea of what she wanted to also do, replied, “Remove this forcefield and then take this man to Arceus ?”
“Yes, let’s do that.are you ready to take down the barrier ?”

Xerneas nodded to Sharina, signifying her it was time, and they both fired a powerful beam into the forcefield surrounding them. The forcefield shattered at the force of the blast, the man’s power had dissipated into nothing, which had made it easy to destroy. As it slowly shattered, the world outside of them clearly came into view. The sky was sky blue, the sun shining down onto the forest,an absolutely breathtaking sight. As soon as the last bits of it were coming down, Sharina and Xerneas could finally see all the legendaries they had called family, and were happy to see Latias reunited with her brother. Latios, feeling a sense of gratitude, came up to Sharina and Xerneas, and muttered, “ Thanks for sister wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for you two. Now, what to do with this man..”

Arceus, hearing Latios speak, came up, replying with a stern response,him eying the man who was in pain.

“Well, this man has destroyed us, destroyed cities,killed pokemon and people..just too many things on the list that we can actually account for. I have decided that because of the severity of his punishment, we are to skip the trial in the counsel and go straight to the punishment. Now, for the man’s punishment : Because of what he did to Latias, he is to become her sister. And don’t worry evil man, you won’t remember a thing. Now Latias, give him his punishment.”

“With pleasure.” She replied.

Latias fired a red beam into the man’s chest, watching it absorb into his skin as began to change him. Like a lightning bolt, it moved so quickly that within seconds he had become a she and he looked exactly like Latias. Only there was one problem : he still had his memory. Arceus began to use his powers to erase all his old memories and began to put in new ones, ones of her doing good intentions, serving the counsel, and being a good sister and brother to Latias and Latios. Now she was complete, and all they had to do was wake her up, for she had passed out. Latias poked her new sister and said, “ Hi sis !”

The new Latias looked at her sister and said, “Hey sis..I had a rough dream. I thought I was some evil man, and then I was turned back to my normal form ! It was a terrifying dream, I hope I don’t have one like that again !”

Seeing this,Sharina smiled, knowing that now, life was going to be better for her, and everyone else in the counsel for eternity. Looking up into the sky, she anticipated what was going to happen next,smiling as she hugged Xerneas, him looking into the sky also,Sharina thinking of what it was going to be like being Arceus's mate.
(Know the ending is kinda XD)
It says there is violence and gore, there isn't much of it, really, there's more violence really.
I do forget sometimes in the middle of the story and sometimes things will be different that what they were if I accidentally call Sharina Sephira, you know why.

Anyways, I hope you all enjoy this story took me awhile to work's my longest story yet, peaking at 6,412 words.

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